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Mixing Console
Mixing Console

Level 1: Church Sound Boot Camp

Whenever I ask a Pastor what their greatest concern is about the sound system in their church, the most common response I hear is "inconsistent sound quality from week to week".

Now, that could be an equipment issue, but we have found that most often it is a training issue. The reality is that one cannot deliver consistently high sound quality in each service without a working knowledge of the equipment they are driving coupled with a firm grasp of some key concepts that help them deliver on that promise of consistency.

With that goal as our mission, we have designed our Church Sound Boot Camp to help church sound techs rise to the occasion, to fill in the blanks of their knowledge and understanding, to help them grasp those key concepts, and even reveal some trade secrets along the way.

Don’t get too excited. We are not going to be able to turn your fledgling sound team volunteers into masterful sound engineers in a weekend class. But we absolutely can lift the veil on some mysteries of the gear and quite possibly correct some misconceptions of how it all operates that they may have been carrying around with them for some time.

Seriously, we often hear back from our students who say that they took just one or two concepts that they learned in the class, implemented them that very next day at church, and heard a distinct improvement right away. During our time together we will examine in some depth every component of a sound system.

Here are just some of the highlights we will be discussing and demonstrating in class.

  • Microphones, Design & Application
  • Proper Cabling Solutions
  • Channel Equalization
  • Console Signal Flow
  • Building a Great Mix
  • Tasteful Use of Effects
  • Stage Monitors
  • Personal Onstage Mixers
  • Assisted Listening Systems
  • System Tuning & Optimization
  • Improving Gain-Before-Feedback
  • Power Amps & Loudspeakers

  • The class is fun, fast-paced, and filled with teaching moments that will stay with you for a lifetime. You will return home understanding not only HOW to improve your church's sound, but WHY you are taking each step.

    Come join thousands of CSBC Grads who have found a renewed passion for technical excellence that will serve you and your church well for years to come. Plus, you'll have a great time learning alongside fellow believers!

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    Carl Albrecht
    Carl Albrecht

    Level 1: How to Tune Your Own Sound System!

    One of the most common complaints that I hear from church pastors and techs alike is that their sound system has a real problem with feedback.

    They just can’t turn the mics up loud enough to be heard clearly without hearing feedback.

    Choir mics are notorious for being a source of feedback, especially if the choir doesn’t sing out loud and we try to “push” them up in the mix. Other common sources are the pulpit mic, or the pastor’s lapel mic, or even the piano mics. And for many the feedback is caused by multiple issues.

    How do we resolve those feedback issues (and make the loudspeakers sound the best that they can at the same time)?

    The best place to start is where every seasoned sound system consultant knows to start, and that is to make sure that the loudspeaker system itself has a very smooth frequency response.

    Any significant bumps in the frequency response of a loudspeaker can make the system more sensitive to feedback at those frequencies.

    The reality is that even some of the best, most expensive loudspeakers can have an uneven frequency response.

    I have measured thousands of loudspeakers, using sophisticated test gear to help me see what and where the issues are, and I can tell you that it is not uncommon to see significant variations in their frequency response – even comparing two units with the same model number.

    There are of course multiple ways to accomplish that goal. During this class we’ll talk about...

  • How to Ring Out the System (By Ear)
  • Getting help from a Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTA)
  • Using Time Delay Spectrometry. Really? (Yep!)
  • How about SysTune, Smaart, or other dual FFT analayzers?
  • We'll also present tips on what to listen for and how to evaluate a loudspeaker.

  • So where does that leave YOU?

    Smoothing out the frequency response of the loudspeaker system will not only improve your “gain-before-feedback”, but when done properly, the loudspeaker system will just sound better.

    Are you prepared to tackle your loudspeaker system yourself, or should you call in a professional?

    Without question, tuning a complex loudspeaker system is best left to the skills of a seasoned audio consultant.

    They have the experience to know how to evaluate a loudspeaker system, what to listen for, the ability to discern which issues are related to the loudspeakers and which are related to the room acoustics, and they have the (seriously expensive) test equipment to explore and confirm how best to resolve such issues.

    But let’s say that you serve in a small church, and maybe your loudspeaker system comprises one flown loudspeaker, or maybe two loudspeakers on stands flanking the platform.

    Those loudspeakers still need careful tuning, but your pastor cringes at the thought of paying a professional to tune the loudspeaker system.

    If that describes your situation, and if you are up for the task, then let’s talk. Maybe there’s a way that we can help you tune the system yourself.

    On that note, here’s some good news for you. It just so happens that we have a one-day class coming up designed specifically for you titled ...
    "How to Tune Your Own Sound System!"

    It’s scheduled for Friday, October 5th, in Covington, Louisiana (New Orleans area), hosted by our friends at First Baptist Covington, and sponsored by Advanced AV Solutions.

    Just to be clear, this is a Level 1 introduction to system tuning. Specifically designed for part-time church sound techs and volunteers, this class will introduce you to the common approaches and techniques for tuning a loudspeaker system and improving gain-before-feedback. The information will be presented and demonstrated live in the class.

    If you are just starting to learn about tuning a loudspeaker system, this class is a great place to start that journey. (Those more experienced in the art of tuning systems would enjoy the OptEQ class held by SynAudCon.)

    ** Note that this class is separate from the Level 1 Church Sound Boot Camp. **

    Registration is now open, and we encourage you to grab your seat quickly. Just click on the Learn More button.

    In the meantime, we have a free guide about sound system tuning that will give you more insight into what we'll be presenting in the class.

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